Home Nursing Services

We provide nursing care in the Comfort of your Home to your Loved Ones in Time of Need

Trained and Certified Care Nurses will bring Loved One Professional, Safe, Secure & Comfortable Care Nursing Service at Your Home. Now you are Relax to Perform well with your Duties & Responsibilities without thinking on Your Loved one when they Need Your Care & Attention. Exclusive Features of our Home Nursing Service: With the Request for a Care Nurse to be Placed at your Home, One of Our Care Professionals will Discuss and Visit you to Analyze the status of the Service Together with the Assessment of the Condition of Your Patient by our Care Nursing In-Change. Accordingly Care Nursing Plan and the Affordable Care Nursing Package will be Proposed for your Approval. The Following are the Exclusiveness of Our Care Nursing Service at your Home


  •  Our health care professionals are monitored by highly skilled and experienced registered Nursing Sisters.
  •  We educate and provide training to our health professionals specifically tailored to the client's needs and preferences
  •  ​Nursing Sisters make regular visits to the client’s home to ensure the quality of care is consistent as needs can change at any time
  • Our Ambulance Service, mobile investigation services, and doctors are available on-call, every day at any time of the day. Our service is 24x7
  • We empathize with your struggles and will work to lighten your stress.
  • With Uniform and other Required Facilities and Materials 
  • Random Visits by Higher Management
  • Day Sheet on Evaluate the Service of the Care Nurse and in General Our Service
  • Staff replacement surety if you are not satisfied with the service
  • Shift according to the patients requirement ( Day shift, Night Shift 24Hours Shifts )
  • Thorough screening of all the staff with background checks and police verification
  • Very Competitive and Affordable Rate.,


How we are Different form the other home Nursing Institutions ?​

  •  We are guided by a clinical approach, strongly backed by modern technology.
  •  Our 400-strong multidisciplinary team is led by professionalism.
  •  We are firmly rooted in the belief that medicine is best practiced with compassion and care.
  •  All Nurses who are Contributing with us are Trained in One Year by the Vocational Nurses   Training  Center which is Registered & Approval by the Tertiary & Vocational Education   Commission in Sri Lanka.
  •  We are Registered Company Under the Private Medical Regulation Council in order to Approve by   2006 Act No 26.
  •  We are Fully Responsible to Take Care of our Clients in Friendly, Efficiently and Respectably.
  •  We are fully Responsible to Have a Home Visit Once a Week by Senior Matron who is Having More   than 20 Years in Government Services, to Check the Patients Conditions and Meanwhile she also   Monitoring Time to Time how Nurses are Caring to Patients Regularly. 
  • For any Emergency Circumstances, in House Doctors, Senior Nurses and Ambulance Service are Ready in 24 Hours to Giving Full Attention to Clients.
  •  We have our Own Medication Management System to give Drugs & Pills by in House Royal Pharmacy to Fewer Prices Except any Missing. 
  • We are a well Established Organization with Doctors, Matrons, Nurses, Assistant Nurses, Pharmacists, Managers, Administration Officers, Coordinating Officers, Marketing Officers, Field Officers, IT Officers, Office Assistants, and Drivers.
  •  As Comparing to other Competitors our Assistant Nurses are Highly Paid & they Get other Facilities as well as Free Accommodations, Free Foods and etc. we give Same Facilities to Other Staff as Well to Give Best Satisfactory Service to Clients.
  •  We Responsible to Keep Unbroken Online Communication System Daily in Between the Head Office & Client with  Assistant Nurse to Update Medical Condition & Day Reports. 
  • We Giving Service to Keep Client’s Medication Records in Computerized System Under Medication Number to Easily & Efficiently Maintain to Overcome Corruption.
  • In Special Free Situations Such as Guardians are Flying or Some Special Treats which are Unable to Give in Home, we Give free Services to Accommodate in Our Nursing Homes for a Short Period.
  • We Facilitate to Home Visit Specialties consultant as Per Yours Request or we Arrange Transportation with Nurse to Visit Specialties consultant in Hospitals Those who are Not Willing have Home Visits